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the chutney preserves 3 intro Image by Andrew Cooper with photography by Sarah Sparkes


Camberwell Green, SE5. Noon - sundown 28th June 2009. Free

Linda Barck, BoSs, Esther Blackman, Judith Brocklehurst, Naomi St Clair-Clarke, Ami Clarke, Andrew Cooper, C.O.T.H. (Cult of the Harvester), John Cussans, Nick Davies, Jo David, Sarah Doyle, Paul Dillon, Rebecca Feiner, Romain Forquy, Richard Heslop, Rachael House, Derek Jordan, Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F Kerr, Lady Lucy, Simon Neville, Jessica Marlowe, Vanessa Mitter, Anne Charlotte Morgenstein, Simão Palmeirim Costa, Raul Pina, Paul Sakoilsky, Andro Semeiko, Shape Shifters, Rose Smith, Sarah Sparkes, the return of cApStAn StRiNg, Geraldine Swayne, Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly, Julian Wakeling, Judy Watchman, Sinead Wheeler, Ben Woodeson, John Workman, a goat and many others.
Curated by Sarah Sparkes

Disciples! Amongst the creaking and popping of emerging green stuff, you will hear the gargling voice of chutney, summoning you, the righteous and others, to assemble at the chosen place on the given day. In the beginning there was the word, and the word gave voice, and the voice is now calling, and it say’s “Chutney”.
This year we shall again congregate on Camberwell Green from noon till sundown, on the last day of Camberwell’s Arts Festival. Our event plans to explore the wild and varied appeal and repulsion of cults and to temporarily turn the green into Camp Chutney.
Logan’s Run, Big Brother, The Midwich Cuckoo’s - the popularity of other people’s weirdness and strange beliefs have kept many of us entertained for years, whether real of fictitious. We are fascinated by the groupings and clannish tendencies that develop under particular individuals. Rulers and governors desire to see their own obsessions spawning, mutating and corrupting the minds of others. Now it’s our turn.
Artists have been invited to orbit our large marquee. Of the responses we have had back, there is promise of chanting, sermonising, wearing religious robes, de-ciphering alien geometries, offering mind altering experiences, creating visual traps, playing with auditory manipulation, mixing seductive aromas and double dealing the general public. More than 40 artists have will be commissioned to create art works, interactive activities and performances for public consumption, all in the spirit of collaboration, exploration and exchange. In the tradition of the historic Camberwell fair, the event will culminate with a performance of fighting puppets made by Chutney artists.

We are the Chutney Preserves, and we welcome you into our fold

Text by Sarah Sparkes & Marq Kearey

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