Sarah Sparkes
The First Chutney Preserves

Curated by Sarah Sparkes and Marq Kearey

‘a day out in the countryside with some lovely friends’
sponsored by Lambeth Arts, Lambeth Country Show and ASC studios

Two days of artists displaying their chutneys, preserves, paintings, sculptures, installations, generating interactive dealings and performing for the public.

Guests:  Harry Pye, Helen Barff, Ami Clarke, Mally Mallinson, John Workman, Françoise Dupré, Leila Miller, Leila Budde, Mark Hayward, Marq Kearey, Adrian R Shaw, Jenny Fagerstrom, Tomas Fazzini, Chris Hoban, Anita Wernstrom, Jennifer Merrell, Sarah Sparkes, Maddy Rosenberg, Miranda Cowper, Pete Mountford, Diana Percival, Jennifer Talbot, Bella Vernon, Louise Evans, Darren O’Brien, Libby Shearon, A Goat.



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