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Sarah Sparkes

"life, the universe and everything" - I've been thinking about it a bit of late, and I know you have too.

I'm guessing that you are familiar with Douglas Adams's book: 'the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy'  in which a computer is created to answer the ultimate question of: 'life, the universe and everything'  After billions of years the computer finally comes up with the answer, which is


 I've asked 42 artists and other friends to make work that deals with the ultimate question or it's answer.  You can see the work they made at Three Colts Gallery this November.

I am also collaborating with two artists for the 42 exhibition. I am making an infinite space in a box with Pamela Mcbain. You will also be able to pick
up a CD at the exhibition of a collaborative sound piece, made under the direction of Phill Wilson-Perkin and with technical support from Julian
. For more information e-mail me

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