Rowland James Smith

Geometry means 'measure of the earth' and in esoteric traditions is a metaphor for divine order. The practice of geometry can be a way of understanding the way the universe is ordered and sustained.

The practice of constructing and contemplating geometric diagrams can become a discipline for intellectual and spiritual insight.

At the end of The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy Arthur Dent reveals the answer to the question of life the universe and everything to be 42. Reasers will be aware that the question asked was either the wrong question or the answer revealed is the wrong answer.

If we are living on Adams' earth, designed by Slartibartfast to be a living computer, polluted by Golgafrinchans the message that the ultimate question and answer gives us is that something has gone wrong.

Thus, in this work 'The Harmony of The Bee' a beautiful insect which apparently defies the laws of physics (which like geometry underlie our understandingof the order of the universe) to fly is juxtaposed with the archetypal beauty of geometric forms which represent the ideal of underlying order in the universe.


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