little boy and Fat Man

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Michael Sinclair

The bombs employed during the end of the 2nd. World War on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In this piece the two bombs are as if on view in some neglected, deserted public/gallery situation. They are relics from the past, and in some way they are isolated and unobserved, desolate and locked away. The black velvet makes the forms strong in profile but hard to perceive on the surface, sucking in all light to the viewers eyes. The floor has been burnt by their contact over the years. They are repulsive animated underworld images concerning the use and fascination of extreme destructive power. That these two bombs were named Little Boy and Fat Man gave them an animated ‘Disneyesque’ fascination for those concerned in their design and employment; a million miles away and thoroughly disassociated from their purpose and dreadful effect, so raising debate over our intentions as a human race.

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