Steve Rushton

I used to paint with paint. Paint the mess of life with a medium that tidies it up.

Now I paint with food. The mess on the paper plate, made messier, burnt, stained, spilt on. Working with the leftovers, rather than the decorators of life, seeing infinity in powdered turmeric, or a soy sauce stain. Burning to bring out the individual qualities of various dried fluids. Creating galaxies from a splash of red wine, or Linghams 100% chilli sauce (a mild piquant relish and appetizer of delightful flavour but problematic drying time). Working with remnants of life and their various forms, rather than with decorators tools, is this more real, or just another novel strategy. Maybe, yet in the brief space afforded by novel practice, a slight chance to see beyond artifice, before habit closes the door again.

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