(Sketch for) 42 Degrees


Diana Percival

My work is influenced by my knowledge of colour significances within the window of colour therapy.

For this show I have created a three-dimensional piece based on the rainbow. Rainbows have always fascinated me and it seemed appropriate to pick this up for "42".

"The rainbow is a mosaic of light sent to you by many raindrops as they fall through the surface of the imaginary cone whose tip is at your eye and whose radius is 42 degrees"

From: "The Rainbow Bridge" by Raymond Lee and Alistair Fraser

And of course at the end of the rainbow is the mythical pot of gold.

My piece reflects two "pots of gold": Hexagram 42: Increase from the I Ching and Bottle No. 42: The Harvest from the Aura-Soma Colour Therapy system.


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