Martvili, Georgia

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Pete Mountford

Why Martvili, Georgia ?, actually in arriving at this question and the answer (more of that later) I previously asked why Tsageri, Georgia? even making a work with that very title) and then - for a brief period - Ozurgeti, Georgia?. Surprisingly, map reading and finding latitude and longitude references can be ambiguous like that depending on where you look. But, in the end Martvili seemed to be the most accurate. The only place on land in the world where the co-ordinates match up exactly.

So Martvili, Georgia is 42, or N42.4242 by E42,4242 to be exact.

I used to use maps and grid  co-ordinates in my work a long time ago, and more recently system and sequence to underpin much of what I produce. This helps to create a duality of having a defined structure within which I must work whilst being able to apply endless concepts and approaches within this framework.

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