Flights of Fancy

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Marq Kearey

Marq Kearey has walked around London a lot. As he ambles, he takes photos of fly posters, then copies them, meticulously, with gouache paint, alone in his Brixton studio.

"This little painting (Flights of Fancy ) was produced after looking at lots of small and relatively insignificant things in a little room in Brooklyn, New York. I decided that I would like to imagine these things floating in the heavens and holding great significance in our lives, so I drew them together as TV satellites.

The work in '42', will have a similar idea to it, however, I shall use coloured pencils, shall base it on Gauguins work, ‘Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?’, (1897), and give it a holy feel by creating it in triptych".

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