The Go Between


Angela Gill

The opening sentence of L.P. Hartley’s ‘The Go-between’ reads "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

All my works in recent years deal with ideas of time, loss, impermanence, fragility, traces of memory, the evaporative bubble of life.

A thought on why I made this painting; a go-between, one who acts as an intermediary or messenger between two sides - the first work I made since my dad passed away.

An unsettling and ambiguous figure barely emerges out of the delicate surface, gently intrudes into the space with its swarm of something - could be foliage. I can think of this little figure as my go-between, an attempt to capture a feeling that I don’t understand – perhaps I’m trying to say spiritual communication. But I do feel like the work is enveloped in silence somehow, and I don’t mean silence just as lack of words, but more profound than that - kind of an exchange of the mind & spirit in a silent language.





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