Jim Dunkley

Here is an image of the piece I did for 42, title 42@42, on polythene 5'6''x3'6'' so obviously too big for the wall even though it might work on the ceiling.

These drawings and others were made of people shopping in Mare street ,Hackney

In reviewing a one man show of Dunkley's paintings at the Albermarle Gallery in the Arts Review in 1990 Mary Rose Beaumont wrote "The paintings are teasing conundrums, which make one ask, as in a Hopper painting, 'What's going on?" Even during his period working in performance, which took him to France, Portugal, Russia and Spain he narrated mysterious stories that leave their echo on his website www.jimd.clara.co.uk. where Dunkley has created a graphic novel 'Banjaw, alive and dead' which describes the fictional life of an artist in illustrated stories which hide as much as they reveal.

In his latest project Dunkley is making a series of near life size drawings from photographs shot covertly of shoppers in Mare street, Hackney.(see website). These are local people with their own distinctive individuality yet we know nothing of their lives

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