Fearing is believing (from ongoing'Fear of Fear series)

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Stevie Deas

Deas has a long-standing interest in biology, psychology, sociology and politics, subjects which inform all his work. Using a wide variety of different media to produce everything from drawing and painting to photography and complex installation pieces. Deas explores reactions and interactions between individuals and groups; the micro and the macro of human life. Much of Stevie’s current work focuses on the ways in which the mass media represent war and terrorism and the Eurocentric depictions of ’rogue states’ and terrorist suspects.

"The piece I am showing in 42 is text based- a philosophical statement appears, handwritten, in the condensation on a steamed up bathroom mirror. If 42 is the ‘ Ultimate answer to the ultimate question about life the universe and everything’ then the writing on the mirror is something to consider when feeling disappointed with life the universe and everything. It is both a simple guide to the painful bits of life and a counter intuitive reminder that disappointments can be liberating. I am interested in the response people have in relation to the piece and how it might resonate differently (or not at all) with different viewers".

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