Folly Flat Pack



Ami Clarke

The work is concerned with disrupting already formulated systems, as a method of attempting to break out, or re-arrange pre-conceived ideas, ideologies.  This piece is in particular concerned with this, using a very strict islamic pattern taken from muquanas, a ceiling detail found in many domes, and extruding them to create another set of forms that play with the idea of architectural space in a western sense. I wanted to introduce a sense of human fallibility with regards to the strict geometry, by associating it with an architectural folly.  A folly tended to be a whimsical construction made by an architect as a personal project.  The un-finished quality also touches on this, and proposes that the creative process is not necessarily best perceived in the finished work, using the idea of a flat-pack construction process to allow this idea to develop. The structure is left as if the workers went for lunch, and never returned.  It will change each time it’s shown.

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