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Jennifer Baumeister

The screen pictures the head of the artist, connected to an EEG machine to measure the brain activity. It's set in a wooden box at the height of the viewer's eyes. The size of the box is big enough to contain a person. It's painted with white varnish so that it could easily have been a piece of furniture from a doctor's place. Furthermore there are cables leading from the side of the box to the second screen which leans against the box, so that the lower screen seems to show the output from the artist's head. The thoughts about the meaning of life
from different individuals or groups of people. It presents a compilation of collected videosequences dealing with people's ideas about the purpose of life. You can watch for instance a sports competition, new born babies, models on the catwalk, but also the plane hitting the World Trade Center on the 11th of september 2001.

The great range of contents gives the audience an idea about how impossible
it is to definitely answer the question about the meaning of life. Perhaps
it's the kind of feelings which people have, when they are coming closer to
their aim, that overlap most between the different people.




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