Thames Propeller


Helen Barff

Douglas Adams states that the "Ultimate Question and Answer can't exist together" or the universe would disappear and be replaced by something even stranger. He suggests this may have already happened.
This mutual exclusion of knowing both the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer mimics certain principles of quantum mechanics, such as the impossibility of plotting precisely both the position and the momentum of a single particle.
In creating a piece of work for '42‚ I wanted to link it to my current research looking at 'location‚ as constantly shifting, particularly in relation to rivers and the sea.
A buoy is a navigational marker in a shifting mass.
I also wanted an object that refers to root meaning of the word 'universe‚ 'whole‚ and 'turning‚. The buoy has a circular form with an axis that runs through it.
Covered in a layer of felt the buoy becomes tactile and blind. It appears both abstract and weightless. Moving between present and absent. It is redundant and dislocated.
Lost at sea and all horizons have vanished, as Nietzsche proclaimed. In relation to Hitchhiker‚s Guide to the Galaxy this could also include lost in 'spacetime'.

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