The Cosmic Pond

The Cosmic Pond

Sparkes & Thompson were awarded a residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts in Northumberland, as part of the BEYOND project.

The Cosmic Pond

In May and July 2018, they created sonifications of the invisible interacting forces that connect space and time in and around the North Pennines Observatory. The adjacent reservoir was transformed into ‘the Cosmic Pond’ where aquatic lifeforms could be heard responding to the celestial rhythm of the dark skies above.

Sparkes & Thompson created a and launched Terraqueous II, a hydrophone rig, in the Old School House Reservoir. The very active pond sounds were sent live from the pond to the North Pennines Observatory, where they could be heard 24 hours a day for over two months.

The Cosmic Pond was also broadcast live on the internet via Locus Sonus for the closing weekend of the BEYOND project.

Visitors to the final BEYOND weekend were able to listen to the pond sounds via  silent disco headphones as they wondered around the Allenheads locale.

The Cosmic Pond

Terraqueous II Hydrophone Rig

Visitors were invited to join them collecting data, sounds, images and narratives from various locations around Allenheads, recording night-time activity at the Cosmic Pond with portable sound recorders and hydrophones. Visitors  also take part in nocturnal sound walking and nature recording.

Two night time events were organised with hosts ACA and partners The North Pennines Observatory:

Full Moon at the Cosmic Pond & Sunset to Sunrise at the Cosmic Pond
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