Time Machine


‘Time Machine’ 2013. Oak, infinity box, clock movement.
Made in for ‘Lumen’ at Shuffle Festival, St Clements Old Psychiatric Hospital.

Time Machine Sarah Sparkes

Behind the clock movement, infinity. For ever and nothing, is for ever.

“Time is an illusion.”
Albert Einstein

Over the past decades I have created a number of works featuring everyday objects and structures containing infinity illusions, including an infinity coffin built to fit me. I created a new work in this series, ‘Time Machine’, a working clock made especially for LUMEN exhibition at St Clement’s Old Psychiatric Hospital. The work was made in response to time spent in the building and research carried out into the buildings history. In ‘Time Machine’ a glimpse of infinity can be viewed behind the regulated hours of the clock face.

St Clements was originally built as a workhouse in 1848, later it was an infirmary for ‘the long term sick’ In 1936 it became a psychiatric unit. It closed in 2005 and is now itself in the care of The Community Land Trust.  The Trust have been hosting a series of art exhibitions at St Clements, invited artists are asked to respond to the building and make more either on site or for specific location in the building.

Time Machine was made for the exhibition Lumen, in which artists working with light were invited to make works that conceptually linked their light works with St Clements and it’s rather dark history.   TIme Machine, moved location around the building between the hall way and the Guardians Room.


Time Machine was one of two works I showed at Lumen.  The other work, NEVER AFRAID, can be viewed  here.

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