The Infinity Box

“Viewed through a peephole, a portal opens out into a limitless dimension, referencing both our arrival into this world and our departure from it.
The Belfry will become home for a structure, which is domestic and everyday, whilst serving as a gateway to explore a fascination for ‘other worlds'”

the infinity box

The infinity box is an old optical trick using simple technology to create a ‘Tardis-like’ illusion of a space larger on the inside than it appears from outside. For some years, I have been exploring the potential of these boxes, previously installing them into coffins, built to fit the me. For my solo show at The Belfry, St John Bethnal Green, 2010,  I built a shed within the Belfry space and created an optical illusion of infinity inside it.  The shed was an acknowledgement of the religious function the building and the christian narrative of a miracle birth with its promise of eternal life.  Being a simple domestic  shed, the type found in gardens and allotments it also referenced the workshop of ‘the outsider inventor’.  The shed was placed awkwardly within this confined Belfry space, and kept in darkness apart from the glow of a LED sign pulsating and spelling out the words NEVER AFRAID, hanging from its back panel.  Visitors had to find their way, in the dark, up the side of the shed where lights could be seen flashing between gaps in a black-out curtain, beyond the shed window.  Emerging  into an illuminated space on the far side of the shed and turning their backs to the blinding light at the end of this tunnel-like space, visitors saw flickering lights emanating from a spy-hole in the shed door. Seen trough the spy-hole, a vast infinity tunnel with flashing lights leading off into the void was accompanied by a barely audible rhythmic, pulsating wailing noise