An installation created for Other Rooms exhibition, Basement Arts Project, Leeds, 2015

FLUE was created for a hollowed out space – once a fireplace – in Basement Arts Project Space, Leeds.
Andy Parkinson has written a very insightful review of the work, so I’ll leave you with his words:

“Sarah Sparkes’ Flue is inherently tied to the site it inhabits and enlivens. An LED infinity mirror is located inside a hole in the chimney breast that may once have conveyed exhaust gases from a stove to the outside of the building. Am I to see in it a metaphor for the relationship of an artwork or exhibition venue to the external world? Not so much the world in the artwork, as the artwork in the world, in which it appears as a vapour which soon disperses and is forgotten. It may also be that, appearing to recede infinitely into space without ever representing objects in a ‘real space’ this art object presents us with illusion for its own sake. Rather than holding up a mirror to the world, this work is a mirror that provides access to the immateriality of illusion as illusion. Not a window on the world but a portal, or perhaps even a means of transportation, into infinity. Equally I sense being enticed to look into the flickering light as one might look into a fire and see images, the work, in this interpretation, now relating more to the inner world of the viewers’ imagination.”

You can read Andy Parkinson’s full review of Other Rooms here:https://patternsthatconnext.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/other-rooms-at-basement-arts-project/